Shrug tutorial

I was asked to write up a tutorial for a shrug. It took much longer to write this than to make the shrug. The hardest part of  doing this was taking the terrible pictures of me in the shrug.

 I found the directions for this shrug a few years ago in this book .

1 – Fold a piece of fabric in 1/4.
This lace  reached from wrist to wrist ( about 50 inches and was about 40 inches long.
shrug tutorial (3)
2- Cut an easy curve from  the fold to the wrist…if you are making your shrug out of a non stretchy woven make it much larger than you think you need it to be. A stretch fabric does not need to be cut so generously.
shrug 4
3-  I have opened the shrug. sew where the pink lines are. If you think it looks like a dolman sleeved shirt with no head opening you are right. After you sew up the seams you can try on your nearly completed shrug. open the bottom edge and put one arm into each sleeve..the top raw edge becomes the neckline and the bottom becomes the bottom hem.
shrug ready to sew

I know this makes no sense at the moment. But I urge you to suspend your disbelief and just try it on.

You have a nearly completed garment. Finish the raw edges..and there you are.

Here are two bad pictures of me in my shrug.
shrug tutorial (6)shrug tutorial (7)


  1. Just a lovely shape, and so ingenious!!!!! Thanks for the tute. Cathie in Quebec.


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