Life after Sandy

Last night I felt hugely grateful to be living right where I am.  We don’t have river views. Riverside Park  is a steep walk down hill.  Our building was built 100 years ago when buildings were built to last. The winds were ferocious last night.  The lights occasionally flickered and the building shuddered once or twice. We have power. We have lights and we have internet and we have lots of food in the house.


Our friends who live downtown are not as lucky. People who live in low lying areas of the city have really suffered.


I took a little walk today. Our building suffered just a bit of damage. A small bit of facing on the side of the cornice was sheared off by the wind.

sandy (6)

sandy (4)

This tree in our back courtyard was uprooted. Luckily, all it damaged was a fence. It could just as easily have broken windows and hurt  some of our neighbors.

sandy (2)sandy (1)


The building across the street lost a large piece of it’s cornice. Apparently, last night it was swinging  out over 98th street before crashing into the street.


There were lots of dress that had been destroyed by the wind.

sandy (20)sandy (19)sandy (18)sandy (17)sandy (16)sandy (15)sandy (14)sandy (13)sandy (12)sandy (11)

This tree was shorn at it’s roots.


The subway will get going eventually.

sandy (27)sandy (26)sandy (25)


The window at Murray’s Sturgeon was smashed by a falling tree.

sandy (22)

We are all safe and warm.


  1. I am glad to hear you and your family are safe.


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