I’m back….

Last Friday afternoon our phone and internet service died.  I am also probably the last adult in Manhattan who does not own a cell phone. Being disconnected was an odd experience.

Despite, or perhaps because of  being disconnected I did a great deal of work. My boys went to New York Comicon.


My older son dressed up as


Dr. Zoidberg from Futureama.


comicon 2012 (3)

Typically, my older son is minimalist in his approach to costumes. The coat is mine. The boxing gloves are his. he did purchase both the nose- glove and the red swim cap. I sewed yarn to the glove to make it wearable as a nose.


My younger son took a more complex approach. His costume was a joint effort.

My younger son decided to dress like

king of all cosmos

King of all Cosmos, a character on a Japanese video game.

comicon 2012 (1)

comicon 2012 (7)comicon 2012 (8)comicon 2012 (9)


I made the jacket, the sash and the collar. My son engineered and painted the headpiece.   His lovely work proves that his claim that he is not good with his hands  is not true anymore.

The purple jeans belong to my daughter. She was willing to lend them for the costume. The collar is made out of pleated Bristol board. I sewed rolled up wool socks into the shoulders of the jacket to give the collar the proper loft.


My sons were interviewed on Japanese TV while in their costumes.


  1. I was just thinking today that I hadn't heard from you in a while.
    I think both costumes are Great! I love the irony of older son's costume. and the totally into the role aspect of younger son's costume.
    I am glad they were interviewed! how fun!

  2. PS. me again. The reason I thought of you this evening was that I am feeling quite 'Sarah Jacobs food Fridayish' at present. I am in the middle of making pear butter from the pears from our tree. I have one of those food grinders from when Sam was little - only it is a baby food grinder. So, it was quite a labourious effort, but is smelling good all over the house.
    DH is visiting his mum in York, so I haven't had to close the kitchen door to keep the smell out. :). when most people would say 'that smells good', he goes and opens the back door to let the smell out. :)
    any way. I guess you are cooking today. have fun.

  3. Pear butter!!!!I love it! I wish I had a pear tree. i love how the flavor of pear butter/ pear sauce is so much more complex than apple butter/sauce.

    I did cook, another two day chicken soup in the slow cooker, challah ( + two for friends who are sitting shiva) Asian cabbage salad baked rice and idiot chicken.

    I think that the costumes will bet a second wearing for Halloween parties.


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