Getting ready for yet......Another holiday

Today is Sunday and the last leg of Sukkot begins tonight.  I feel that I am an Olympic cook.

We have two delightful houseguests and they are joining us for tonight’s holiday meal. I am serving some of Friday night’s stuffed cabbage.

Two small roasts are resting in the fridge. I will slice them after they have cooled. I made spiced mocha-pecan meringues.

I actually began cooking for tonight’s dinner last night. Before you feel sorry for me for working so hard, after we came back from the theatre last night I took out the slow cooker and threw in some giant carrots and parsnips, a whole onion, some beef bones that my son picked up at the butcher, some cabbage,  a can of diced tomatoes and a box of beef broth and a tea ball full of spices.

The house smelled amazing when I got up. These sorts of peasant soups taste best after a long cook. I made matza balls earlier in the day.

The weather has turned damp and cold. I think our guests will be happy to have the soup.
beef cabbage soup with matza balls
I didn’t just cook today. I also did a bit of mending.  This large crochet piece, which I believe is actually a throw for a bed,  has a few holes. This is just one of them.
table cloth repair (3)
the dreaded before
I discovered that most repairs in this sort of crochet  work is actually easy to do.  Holes that look horrible usually just need a couple of stitches to make them right.  Above you see the hole…and below you see where it isn't.
table cloth repair (4)
repaired hole

There were several to do. The peacock needed lots of attention
table cloth repair (5)
post repair peacock
Here is a larger view of the cloth.
etrog (1)
a beautiful etrog
You have a bonus view of our spectacular etrog, that is used during the holiday. Our lulav is in the vase behind.  The pomegranate is an edible wish for a year filled with blessings.
table cloth repair (1)
Vivian's mom's throw , now used as a table cloth


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