Preparing for the New Year

This morning I woke up with a start at 8:27. There was so much to do to get ready for Rosh haShanah.

After a quick breakfast and downing just part of my coffee and a quick shower, I got to work.  First, I set up the challah dough.
My older son madly began peeling vegetables for the tzimmis.  I hacked up the meat and put the sweet and cour tzimmis up to cook. Tzimmis needs a long slow cook and it had to be out of the oven before it was time to bake the challah.  Moving the giant roasting pan in and out of the oven I was really grateful that I lift weights regularly. Cooking is not for wimps.

Yesterday, we acquired two more guests.  They are both hearty eaters. that meant that I had to re calibrate the meals. I decided to make a  chicken soup garnished with  matza balls to fill our guests up a bit before the meal.

My husband bought fish  so I could pickle it and serve it for our lunches. This time, I used brown sugar and cider vinegar to pickle the fish.pickled fish

The soup, I am ashamed to admit is not completely home made. It is  a vegetable broth enhanced with box chicken soup.  I just couldn’t manage to  get a completely from scratch soup made today. I did, however, make the matza balls.
matza balls
Here they are just after they were put into the pot to boil.
cooked matzaballs
You can see how much the matza balls expand after being boiled. I will add them to the soup  before I go to services tonight.tzimmmis (1)
The tzimmis finally gave off that great tzimmis smell, letting me know that it was done.  Then I could bake the challah.
rh challah
The round challot look all appropriately crown- like.
100_3020coffee whities
I had baked desserts last night.

And I practiced blowing shofar.
Shanah Tovah U M’vorachat to all.
RH (1)


  1. The food WAS good, but the company was even better. This was the first Rosh HaShana together for five years. One of our guests first night was a friend from 7th grade. A guest second night me me when I was nine or ten.

    I spent part of services standing next to my sister's closest friend from 5th grade. She mentioned that I was the only one in the room who knew her parents before they had died many years ago.


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