A dress and a pie made from the identical impulse

Friday, my husband finished his 11 months of saying Kaddish for his father. My husband brought breakfast  for the morning services regulars.


Usually, in the way that most couples divide up household tasks, if a task is food related, I take care of it. I wasn’t feeling very well on Thursday, so my husband did all of the planning and shopping for the breakfast on his own. I also have the feeling that he really wanted to do this task with no input from me.

Friday, my husband brought home all of the left overs from the breakfast.  Most of a “Box O Joe “ was left over.  My synagogue was doing a pot luck kiddush  for Shabbat after morning services.


I made a coffee custard pie out of the rest of the “ Box O Joe” and the cup of cream sent along with the box of coffee  with  by Dunkin Donuts.

I made a vanilla wafer crust and decorated the pie with coffee beans so people would know what flavor pie to expect. The pie was a hit.


I realized that the dress I wore to services was made with very much the same impulse as the pie. it was a dress made to use up left overs.


I had made a project using  a length of red knit  that was 20 inches by 2 yards long.  I made a dress out of what was left of the length of fabric. it was a bit snug and a bit tight. I added a waistband made out of left overs of another dress, an orange mesh knit.  That lengthened the dress with out making me look like an extra in a high school production of Oklahoma!. I also added one big godet on one side of the dress out of the same mesh. All of the raw edges on the dress bodice  are trimmed with more of the mesh. The hem is simply zig-zagged while stretching the fabric, so I get the cool ruffled hem.  I cut the neckline too wide so gathered the corners. I can pretend to be Joan on Mad Men when I wear this dress.


The left over pie and the left over dress both worked well.



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