Working while sick

I tend to get sick the same way over and over.  My throat hurts and I feel generally icky. Yes, I’m drinking lots of fluids and I have upped my intake of vitamin C. I’m taking horrible herbs, I’m not worse.. so I guess that’s good.


Being sick is no excuse not to work. So I have been embroidering the letters for Danielle's chuppah. As you can see, I’m about half way done with the second verse.



If Danielle is reading this, she should not be worried about the un-pressed  piece and all of the stray threads. This will look all tidy and beautiful when it is delivered.

I also have been  playing with a new book.if you can't go naked

The clothing shown in this book is now being seen again on the street in many variations.  I have shown some of the illustrations. The author wrote the book assuming that most people would follow the illustrations rather than the written directions. 100_2946100_2947100_2948

This dress is clearly a version of a walk-away dress.


Anyway, a worth it to purchase book if you can find it.


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