We’re back

And now that I have access to my own computer and a bit of photo editing programming, Here are some of the images that I wasn’t able to post while we were away.
A chipmunk in the driveway
The cute house, now color corrected. 100_2918
An incredibly New England house.

This beautiful church is for sale. I love how in the front view it looks like it belongs in an Edward Hopper painting.
No trip to New England is complete without an image of a falling down barn.

My son wanted to go to a shooting range, so we did.
My husband found this drowned monarch butterfly during his swim.

My sister and I did a canal tour of Lowell.

I now have a favor to ask the more computer savvy of my readers.I have been having trouble  with an Amazon search box that is showing up   inside my blog postings. I need help figuring out how to remove it. if you know what I need to do, please be in touch.


  1. So glad to read an unabridged version of your holiday. I knew the post about the anniversary of your father's death had to have more to it. How delightful to find someone who had more than a little bit of a connection in interests to make the journey with.

    I have no idea how to help with the Amazon adverts, sometimes I google those kind of questions and usually find someone else has also had similar problems I can learn from.

    hope you adjust back to real life easily.


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