The civilized way to go to IKEA






For those of us carless Manhattanites, there is a ferry that takes you from Pier 11 on Wall Street to the Brooklyn IKEA.


The trip takes about 20 minutes. It feels like a mini vacation.   I sat on the outside deck on my way to Brooklyn and in the air-conditioned cabin on my way home. That was about as much sum as I can take in a day.


The ferry is free on the weekends and free with an IKEA purchase of $10 on  weekdays. A much nicer way to travel than the bus.


  1. A nice way to travel. What happens if you can't carry back what you bought?

  2. I saw a sign by the ferry loading area that if your load from Ikea is too big to fit into the big blue bag they will deliver it for $59. There is also a car service stand by the entrance ..I assume that using a car service will probably come to less than $59. There are also city buses that stop in front of the store as well as a shuttle that goes to Court street in Brooklyn. Much of this information is on the Ikea Brooklyn website.


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