Completed baby gifts..and Food friday

I completed both baby jackets.  This one is going to the more local baby. I’m impressed that I managed to install a zipper and have everything end up even. One of the downsides of being self taught is that some basic home-ec type skills have been learned with massive degrees of difficulty.  I cut down a longer separating zipper.



This is jacket for my new cousin in Israel.

babyjacket stencil 1

The buttons are from my stash. The elastic is from a large roll I had gotten at the Boston Children’s Museum nearly twenty years ago. Maybe it wasn’t such a good purchase. I think this is the third time I have used any of the elastic  from this large spool.


Both jackets are lines in a striped shirting . Fabric Mart's label says the fabric is from Ann Taylor. Regardless of the provenance, it has a really nice smooth feel. Just right for smooth baby skin.

I used this magazine


To figure out how to plot the dress for Shira, my Israeli cousin’s older sister.  No, I can’t read Japanese but the directions are so good, and so pictorial that you can figure things out pretty well, even without being able to read the language. I found an online  centimeter translator to help me with translating centimeters into inches.


You can see how I plotted the measurements for Shira’s dress in chalk on the reverse of the fabric.  Clearly I didn’t slavishly copy every design line. I thought the dress was too skimpy looking, and added a wider hem-sweep. I played with the neckline a bit.

Here is the jumper completed;

shira's dress

But it was Friday. Yes, I cooked.  I made beef, with a coffee ground and mixed spice rub,

beep (2)

and spicy eggplant

spicy eggplant


I still have to make the kale salad, but our table is set with  my new cloth made out of IKEA fabric.

ikea cloth


I know, it’s kind of a silly cloth. It reminds me of visiting academic homes during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The challah is warming up in the oven and will appear on the table just before we sit down to eat.


Shabbat Shalom!!


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