Suzy Home Maker Strikes Again

My friend Naamah is tall and willowy. She also is a wonderful dresser.  Naamah’s  daughter has a completely different, but also lovely shape, and completely different style of dressing.

Although my daughter is not tall. her shape is more similar to Naamah’s. My daughter also has a similar sense of style. So my daughter has been inheriting some wonderful clothing from Naamah.

This dress came in the latest batch of clothing. I think that it must be from the mid 1970’s. It’s knit from a mystery fiber ( a cotton synthetic blend), and edged with hand done crochet in cotton. it has a French label.

My daughter loved the dress. It’s perfect to wear swing dancing.  She loved the 1930’s vibe of the dress.


dye dress (3)

She hated the color. Naamah’s coloring is like Snow White’s. The soft green is dramatic against her black hair. These sorts of soft colors do my daughter no favors.



My daughter asked me to dye the dress a dark color, any dark color.

dye dress (4)

Two bottles of Rit later…

dye dress (1)


The dress is sort of purple. The crochet bits are black.  some of the dress got caught under the agitator and there are some holes near the hem. I plan to darn the holes decoratively, turning them into embroidered flowers.

I blocked the knit a bit and am drying it on the dress form. I think it will all work out fine.


I spent much of my sewing time today doing repairs and refining some details on some dresses that needed a bit of attention.

That, and tending to my son who is now better.  Mom made tea  and pita is a comforting thing.


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