Sarah’s excellent adventure at the Met, with her son

It’s hot out, really hot. We needed to be out of the house. My son suggested a museum trip. he wanted to see the new Art of the Islamic world rooms at the Met.



We saw these doors for a raised lectern from a mosque.

Met visit (7)

Some wonderful rugs including this one.

Met visit (12)

I loved some of the pieces from a room of contemporary Iranian art.

Met visit (11)

I loved how this mosaic mirror piece used both traditional forms and techniques in such a cool way.

I don’t know if this shadow piece can be conveyed in my photos. but it was a laser cut piece of either silk or poly, about the size of a large wall rug..and displayed with light shining through the piece…the shadow was part of the work. The artist is part Zoroastrian, part Jewish. It seems and appropriate way to show who she was in Iranian culture.

Met visit (9)Met visit (8)

We also visited a related exhibit about the Byzantine world. of course I was most interested in the Jewish pieces in that exhibit.

Met visit (2)

This was from a synagogue in  Ashkelon, Israel.

I loved this primer from the early 13th century.

Met visit (5)

My first grade primer had exactly the same  first lesson. My mother laughed at how old fashioned the book my teacher was using was. I don’t know if my mother realized quite HOW old fashioned it was. ( My mother had taught me how to read Hebrew when I was 3 using a far more modern methodology)  Interestingly, this book from 1227 is completely readable, and the type face is far nicer than the book my first grade teacher used.


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