Kiddush Wrap Up




The answer is, we bought entirely too much food. This is our fridge three days later.

I was smart enough to bring a bag of Zip-Lok gallon sized bags. People took home lots of food. Having the bags there made it easier for people to take food home comfortably and not feel creepy about it.

We have been eating lots of pasta salad. Yes, it was good. Our daughter ate two servings last night. We have a few unopened containers of hummus in the freezer, two giant jars of herring in the fridge, unopened packages of cheese, as well as bags of random left over cheese, one giant industrial sized can of tuna in the pantry, and bags and bags of cut up pita in the freezer. We also have a gallon of dried fruit and a gallon of chocolate covered raisins, blueberries and pomegranate. I am not even going to talk about all of the crackers that we have left.


It was nice to feed our community lunch. One of the great pleasures of the day was working with my synagogue’s maintenance staff.  I had actually assumed that I would be doing all of the plattering on my own.


Instead, I came into the kitchen only to find four maintenance men working away. These are men who spend most of their time doing serious man labor. There they were, setting up fruit plates, cheese platters and desserts.  They worked with what my son’s karate guru called “a good spirit”.


Because none of these men grew up in my mother’s house, they weren’t as attuned to the finer aspects of  decorating platters of food as this daughter of the Radish Rose Queen. They were, however, gracious enough to indulge me as needed.  I was smart enough to not over fuss and let them work mostly unimpeded.


It was a nice welcome home for our son.


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