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Last night we picked up our older son from the airport. He hasn’t been home in not quite two years.

sam home


He is currently recovering from both jet-lag and a mild case of food poisoning from airline food. My job ( and pleasure) is being nice to my kid, making him lots of  iced hibiscus tea to drink. Hopefully he will be able to eat the welcome home dinner that I’m making for him .


It’s so nice to have him home. Our daughter joins us for dinner tonight.  We won’t have the whole gang together for another few weeks. But a partial reunion of the clan will have to do for the moment.


Linda came by on Friday to pick up this challah cover.  I aim to please my customers. Linda’s reaction of a giant gasp,  a hand held to her heart and lots of heavy breathing, was awfully gratifying.  Her huge reaction was sorely needed.  I was having a moment of not feeling quite sure about my work.  The huge and genuine reaction was balm to my soul.


  1. Congratulations on having your son come home safe and sound (mild food poisoning aside.)


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