A small city adventure

My husband was ill on Friday and was still feeling a bit peaked today . He was up for a small adventure. We took the subway to South ferry and then went to Governor's Island.


The ferry trip takes less than ten minutes but it transports you to a bit of fantasy New York where there is no litter or dog poop and people are polite and pleasant.

We started our adventure with a lovely exhibit on contemporary graphic design organized by the Cooper- Hewett museum. We walked past, but didn’t stop to watch the glass blowing demonstration. We walked past the beautiful officer’s houses with their wide gracious porches and yellow clapboard siding.


Kids played miniature golf, (donation was voluntary) next to an  installation of contemporary sculptures. There was some sort of a poetry festival. we sat on a lawn and ate snacks we had brought from  home.


The other visitors were New Yorkers of every possible stripe. I have never seen a large crowd of my fellow New Yorkers so mellow, just walking around or riding their bikes and having a nice time. There were very few signs reminding people to follow the rules or in fact reminding the visitors that there were rules.

It felt as if we had all magically turned into Midwesterners. Maybe all we really need here is a bit more space.


  1. Ahh - what fun! Great photo of you Sarah - you look so happy! Putting Governor's Island on our list of places to go when Walt and I are there in early October - only have about 2 1/2 days but I'm going to cram them full for him! martha ann

  2. It's such a sweet place....I hope you and Walt can fit it in.


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