This was part of what my youngest ate for dinner last night, beef ribs left over from Friday night and non dairy cheese curls.  These non dairy cheese curls, that look just like Cheeze Doodles are put out by Kitov  a kosher packaged food producer.

When I was pregnant with my youngest, and confined to bed for nearly all of that pregnancy, a friend told me about a kosher supermarket in Brooklyn that let you call in your orders on Tuesdays for Wednesday delivery. We discovered the wonders of the non dairy cheese curls from there.

These non cheese curls quickly became popular in our household for their sheer perversity.  We called them Cheese Doodies.  We haven’t bought a package in years. but we found them on Sunday in the Key Foods Supermarket near my daughter’s apartment.  That Key Foods ( on 186th and Broadway) has a gigantic selection of kosher foods.


My son, like anyone who has grown up in a kosher home, knows that fake dairy is best appreciated when eaten with real meat.  He noted that the Cheese Doodies leave you with a really bad after taste,  just like the real thing.


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