One of the best things I own

is this fabulous challah cover.
antique challa cover

I inherited it from my cousin Bonnie, her in-laws visited “Palestine” as tourists from Austria in the early 1930’s. They brought home this challah cover.   I think that it’s simply fabulous.

It’s fabulous in the same way that satin pillows from Atlantic City are fabulous. What you see is nearly every blessing or prayer you might say while the challah is covered.  it also has the bonus addition of images of some, but not all of the holy sites in Israel.
antique challa cover (4)
Zion, the holy city
antique challa cover (3)
Jerusalem, the holy city
antique challa cover (2)
The tomb of Rachel
antique challa cover (1)

Z’fat the holy city
You also have some additional holy sites pictures, like
the cave of Zechariah the prophet
antique challa cover (6)

antique challa cover (5)
as well as the tomb of Absolom.

This challah cover is useful for Shabbat, and for the holidays, here you see the kiddush for all of the major Jewish festivals.
antique challa cover (8)
You also have a lovely Zionist version of the candle lighting meditation.
antique challa cover (7)

I know that this piece would make any graphic designer blanch, it’s just that busy. I completely adore it.


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