Mimi’s tallit–imperfect, but complete

mimi (14)
Mimi’s tallit has been a struggle.  Yesterday my sister asked me if  the source of my difficulties was my client. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Both my client are her family are about as wonderful as one can hope for with a client.

I think that I came up with a plan that was harder to carry out than I had expected. I also made some mistakes that were just plain stupid. There were pieces of  the process that I ought to have thought through a bit better.

The end result is frankly lumpier than makes me happy.

Elements of this tallit though are really beautiful.
mimi (13)
This is the back view of the tallit.
mimi (11)
mimi (4)
The atara in progress.
mimi (5)
The gazar  of the atara over the brocade. the brocade is not all that beautiful on it’s own, but I love how it shimmers through the gazar.
mimi (6)
The right side of the brocade , I know, it’s ugly. But look how terrific it looks completed with the gold shimm,ering through the dark blue.

Mimi and her family show up soon to tie the tzitzit.mimi (7)


  1. I think this is going to be one that you will be surprised about when you see it again some months down the road. Without someone knowing all the things you see when you have had your nose against it for weeks, it looks great. Or at least the photos do.

    You just need to forget the little things and look at the whole. Hard to do!

    Please do yourself a favour and don't tell all those details to the client...they will catch your negative feelings. I am hoping they just love it and tell you so!!

    All the best. and here's to a glorious one to follow to renew your faith in your abilities!

  2. Mimi and her mom just left. I was upfront with them saying that it is imperfect but terrific. I find that it's easier to be honest. No, I didn't point out the flaws one by one, but I talked in general about how some things were just difficult...despite the difficulties there is much that will give mimi pleasure. she loved how thre is so much for her to see and focus on in the tallit.


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