A mid week supper

Despite the fact that  we are having a kid free week, our oldest was here for dinner three times this week. She came for Shabbat dinner so she could spend time with her cousins who were our other guests.  I had made rolled beef. There was lots left over, so our oldest came for dinner on Monday so she could enjoy more meat.

Tuesday, our oldest was babysitting around the corner from our apartment.  It seemed really silly to  to all the way uptown to her apartment to eat dinner when she could eat something  home made right near her babysitting gig.

I was in the mood for zucchini pancakes.  I  have mixed feelings about vegetarian food.  While a vegetarian meal can be lovely, I don’t like eating meals that feel too virtuous.  Even healthy food ought to feel delicious and not feel like you are ingesting newsprint.

So I made this batch of zucchini pancakes with strained fresh shredded zucchini, soaked and shredded shitake mushrooms , ground walnuts for protein and to add richness to the batter, eggs, flour and spices.
midweek cooking (2)
I fried up the pancakes in  nearly dry skillet.

They weren’t bad. I made them deliberately bland but they were vastly improved with a shot of hot sauce, which both my daughter and I added to our serving of the pancakes.

I realized that these nut/vegetable pancakes harken back to early 20th century vegetable nut loaves.

The meal was rounded out with  home made taboule, spicy eggplant  and home baked pita. Not a bad mid week meal.

Just to follow up from last night's adventure going to the theatre weaing my blue ruffle dress.  The dress itself worked out fine. We saw Streetcar Named Desire, it was probably one of the ten best theatrical experience I have ever sat through. if you can see Streetcar in this incarnation...go.


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