Just realized….

My youngest is leaving for camp tomorrow.  As he was packing he put in an order for more boxer shorts.  I made him two pairs of these camo knit boxers. like most of the boxers I make for my son they are made out of odds and ends fabrics that have been ripening in my stash. 

camo boxers (3)

This particular fabric came from a Fabric Mart mystery bundle. I would not have chosen this fabric on my own. I think it’s pretty ugly.  I did make myself a pair of work out pants out of this fabric.  Since I work out at home I don’t mind wearing ugly workout pants.

I always check my fabric choices with my son before making him boxers.  We both agreed that while this wouldn’t be his first choice of fabrics, it’s tolerable, especially since the sparkles on the fabric will eventually fall off in the wash.


I realized as I stacked these pairs in his room that I have made most of the boxers that he has worn for the past ten years.  That’s a whole lot of underpants!!!


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