A gift from Mrs. Dee

Mrs. Dee was my friend Meggy’s  grandmother. She lived  in the apartment house that was next door to my house.

When my parents used to go out for the evening, Mrs. Dee used to babysit. she introduced us to the wonders of both Lawrence Welk and  Liberace.


Usually when Mrs. Dee would  babysit she would also bring  a bag of handwork. Most often she would make afghans, generally doing what I now know is called Tunisian stitch.


I used to hang on Mrs. Dee’s arm as she worked and asked her lots of questions about what she was doing.   The two of us really liked one another. Mrs. Dee made me this afghan for  my eighth birthday.   She made it in green, because it was my favorite color, and brown, because that was the color of my room. I actually hated ( and still hate) sea foam green, but I love that Mrs. Dee made it for me.


This afghan lives on my youngest’s  bed.  It has faded some from the strong sun in my childhood bedroom.

My youngest left for camp yesterday and all of his bedding has gotten washed .


My husband and I are child free for about a week.


  1. Lovely story. Enjoy being child-free. My youngest heads off to camp for a month next week. Am I being a mean mom to say I kinda look forward to the break?!

  2. No Meg, you are not a mean mom.

    For us, though it has been so long ( nearly 24 years) since we had a chunk of child free time that it's taking some getting used to.


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