Eli + Rachel’s Challa Cover–Improved!

This is what Eli and Rachel’s challah cover looked like before.
eli rachel

But since then, it has undergone some changes.eli  rachel lettering I outlined all of the letters with a fine tipped brush.

I also hand stitched around the lettering on the border.
Eli   rachel embroidery
This was a complete folly endeavored only because I liked Eli’s late mom so much.
Rachel also said that she wanted “storybook lettering’ at the beginning of the text.

All that’s left to do is line the piece.

For those of you who were wondering, both Mimi and her mother were very happy with the tallit. We used fine wool tzitzit that had been my father's.  Mimi's maternal grandfather is a rabbi, like my late father. Mimi's mother, was brought up speaking Hebrew, as I was. I have been doling out the sets of tzitzit out of the paper sack with great care giving them to people who are just right for them.  Mimi fits that bill.

Mimi kept commenting how much there is for her to look at and discover as she wears the tallit.

During this week I will make her a bag as my bat-mitzvah gift to her.


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