Food Friday–Kid Friendly Edition

The family from across the hall is coming for Shabbat dinner.  let me correct that, the male members of the family are joining us. The female members of the family are on an adventure.

In my back and forth with the dad about what to cook, it became clear that his kids, particularly the younger son are still at that boring food stage of life.  I have planned my menu accordingly.


I made egg noodles from scratch.



I used semolina flour. Working noodle dough is quite different than bread dough.  rolling noodles is not for the meek. It’s one of the reasons I have good arms.


with enough practice, rolling the dough certainly gets easier.



This is about 1/3 of the batch drying, before they get boiled. I rolled out the rest of the noodles after I took the photo.

We are also eating



That’s spicy eggplant for those of you without Smell-o-vision on your computer. It’s vaguely Middle Eastern in flavor, if you don’t include the teeny dried chilis.


I also made


meatballs with stealth vegetables. I plan to douse them with barbecue sauce before heating them for dinner.


I’m making a salad.  Our guest is making brownies.


I have a question for all of you lovely regular readers.  My synagogue is putting out a cookbook and just put out a request for recipes.  What do you think I ought to send in??? I was thinking about se ding in some of my bread recipes, challah, bagels, and pita. Are there any other recipes that you think I should submit??


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