Feeling Blue

Today I dyed the night portion of Mimi's tallit.



I guess I can call it “wet night” , the dye is still fairly wet in this picture. This is layer two of the dye job. The shine of the charmeuse  throws off light so colors appear lighter than than actually are. I have also been working away on piecing the day portion of the tallit.

While the dye was wet I sprinkled layer #1 of the dye with salt and dribbled rubbing alcohol over the surface to make the sky look like outer space.  The salt gathers up the dye, so you get a more intense spot of dye underneath each grain of salt. The alcohol pushes the dye away so you get a lighter spot beneath it.

I added both sugar and salt to the top layer of dye. I like creating the sense of looking into deep space.


Sometimes when dyes are out, it makes sense to dye other things that need some color.  My hands tend to get cold.  When my hands get cold, they hurt. I like to wear the sort of thin gloves women used to wear long ago.  I don’t really have a “white glove”  way of going through life, even though I do on occasion do wear white gloves.


I prefer to dye my gloves.  My local thrift ( Housing Works) had marked down white gloves from $10/pair to  $2 each. I bought four pairs and dyed two today. I will see what the color looks like when they dried  and then adjust the color as needed.



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