Problems and Solutions

I was ready to begin work on Mimi's tallit. I ordered the blue silk we had chosen.  A few days later I got an email from the supplier. They were out of stock and wouldn’t get more of the silk for at least a month.


I needed the silk. It was past time to get to work. I  Looked for the right shade of blue charmeuse on line and found it for $30/yard.  That’s awfully steep. I found a color that was the right tone, but almost-not quite the right color…it was lavender, rather than blue. I also found just the right color, but it was the end of the bolt, and the yardage was short.


My selection of fabric felt very Goldilocks…nothing was just right. I asked Mimi to come by , to see if we could hammer out a solution together. We looked at the fabrics and then both of us , at the same moment, came up with the idea of using all three colors.

mimi (4)


We both thought that long irregular triangles of the three very close colors would look beautiful.

mimi (1)

I then made a stupid decision. I thought I would piece the charmeuse onto silk gazar.  The gazar is very light weight and would add no weight to the tallit.  I tried to sew the charmeuse onto the gazar.  The two fabrics slip and slide against one another. I remembered that silk does not slide against cotton flannel.  I also remembered that I had purchased a bit of cotton flannel with a moose print.

I cut a strip of flannel and began piecing. my life is good once again. the task has gone from being a horrible one to an easy one.


The work is just chugging along. Yes, I will press the strip and it wil look much better.


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