Getting down to the wire

The To do list feels simultaneously shorter and longer.  I made this batch of meringues.  In case you were wondering, not a good idea to beat egg whites in aluminum.

I made a nut crust and a lemon curd that need to be topped by berries and an apricot glaze. I’m proud of the nut crust because I entirely made it up.

I grated the marror. in our family we use horseradish.

It’s way easier to grate the horseradish  with a food processor. I hand grated it the year I was pregnant with my second. I wore a snorkel and screamed my way through.  This year, the roots were not quite as pungent.  That is, I didn’t have to scream and shut my eyes as I worked.

I made my mother’s  no flour chocolate torte. I added too many nuts so it’s a bit crumbly but will still taste good.100_2521

I have the sneaking suspicion that Manhattanites are doing far less Passover cooking from scratch.  The Passover sections of our neighborhood markets are filled with prepared goods but basic ingredients are harder to find. Getting the basics like cake meal and baking chocolate have been difficult this year.
I still have tons to do, including selling our chametz to our doorman.

A Zissen Paysach to everyone. And a happy anniversary to me and to my husband. Last year we celebrated with great style.  Nice to be with family and friends… and to feed them well.


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