Food Friday

  Tonight we are eating vaguely Indian chicken. I cooked chicken on a bed of shredded onions and cut up dates. We had the dates left over from Passover's Charoset. I topped the chicken with lots of curry powder.


I added some cider vinegar to the pan because it tasted a bit bland. after the chicken was cooked I pulled the chicken out of the pan and set it aside. Then I poured off all of the chicken juices. I put the chicken juice into the fridge and then tossed the fat after it had risen to the top of the container.  I don’t cook with chicken fat. I know it’s thrifty and yummy, but I’m just not old world enough to do that.

indianish chicken


I then reduced the chicken juice along with the wine that  was left over from last Friday night, a nice Italian red.

I made spicy stewed eggplant.


a bean salad,

bean salad



and taboule. I also made meringues and cooked spiced pears and figs in a custard.


Shabbat Shalom!!!


  1. This all sounds delicious. I'll definitely have to try the chicken with dates. Once on a whim I stuffed a chicken with prunes before roasting and, although it didn't do much for the chicken, the prunes were delicious.


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