A day of forced busy work

The hard drive on my computer died last Friday. I spent entirely too much time last week trying to get in touch with the company that has purchased the contract for customer care/extended warranties at Staples ((Barrister). How much time is too much time you ask?? I think two hours, by the clock qualities as too much time. The fact that they have one of the worst voice mail systems I have ever encountered that is paired with truly irritating music  did not add to the enjoyment of those two hours.

The Restore disc  I had to have Fed-Exed  from HP has been here since Friday. The parts that needed to be installed  arrived on Saturday. The repair person was scheduled to arrive today between 9 and 11 am.  I couldn't start sewing. My computer and my sewing space are one and the same. I didn't want to create a mess for the repari person.

At 1:15, I called Barrister. I did not time the several minutes on hold today, it was more than five minutes but less than 15. They didn't know where the repair person assign to come to my house was. A few calls later it is revealed that the repair person was a no show. When I asked them why they couldn't have the courtesy to call me, the customer service person hung up on me.

But I did have to keep busy. My family is in many ways pretty loosey-goosey. But we do have areas of ridigness. We all ave our own seat at the dining room table.  Just before Shabbat started, my chair fell apart. The dowels that fit into the legs  had all popped out. The wood was dry and the cushion popped off the frame. I was ready to throw the chair away. I did find it on the street in front of my building. My husband is loathe to toss things away. So i covered the little dowel pieces with glue infused fabric and jammed the legs back into place. I had little hope. Then I lit  Shabbat candles candlesand put the chair aside.

Shabbat morning, i saw my oldest eating her breakfast on the chair. I guess gluing the legs worked. This morning I conditioned the wood with a mixture of olive oil and vinegar so it no longer felt like kindling.  I glued some areas that needed gluing and re-attached the seat to the chair. Saved from a re-visit to the trash!!!
My chair-fixed

I also made two more mezuzot.

Two more mezuzot

I also guess that I have been reading too many home -dec blogs. I use  two small dresses for storing my tights. We bought these two little dressers early in our marriage from an apartment sale in our building. They were stained a dark redwood color. I have ignored them ever since. They have been useful but unremarkable. After I found out that the repair guy probably wouldn't show up today I went to the hard ware store and bought silver spray paint. I decided to spray the little dressers silver. I got one done today.  you can see the before and after. I only did one today.The other dresser can wait. I think that the silver is oddly less conspicuous in my blue bedroom.
drawer front before

drawer front -after

Two small chests of drawers, before and after.

Once my lungs recover , I will paint the other dresser. My son just mentioned that my bedroom smells like a middle schooler is attempting to get high there.


  1. Sorry about the on hold stuff and no show. annoying isn't it.
    yes on the silver. you will be able to find your tights in the dark!
    and young men...you rather don't want to ask how they know these things!
    Hope you can sew tomorrow...at this point I wouldn't worry about your room being a mess, I think they have waved the right to work in a clear room.


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