White Stuff

Today I stopped by Paron . They are moving one block south and are making everything down  so they don’t have to pack up quite as many bolts of fabric.  I wanted to see if they to see if moved anything neat into their $3/yard bins. They had one barrel filled with slinky printed with patterns in silver. So not my thing. Sometimes though, a fabric looks cool for the moment. I gave a bit of thought to purchasing a stretch with a snakeskin print and a sequin overlay. But I came to my senses and left it in the barrel.


I also left the lining fabrics. But for the past few years I have seen a bolt of this fabric, a puckery white knit.

white fabric


I’m not exactly sure why it appealed to me so much. I can’t tell you how often I have pulled out the bolt and nearly bought some. Finally, at $3 for a yard, I bought the four yards left on the bolt. I’m not quite sure what I will make out of it. It’s slightly sheer and has a beautiful drape. Any ideas?


The other white thing I worked on today was Maya's tallit. I sewed on the “stripes’ and trimmed the edges with ribbon. I then sewed the tallit together right sides to the insides. Tomorrow I turn it and top stitch it. I have learned when to leave well enough alone. I was tired when I finished and knew that if I kept working I was sure to do something stupid. it’s better to work and do painstaking work when feeling fresh.


I had made two failed attempts to do the pinot/corners yesterday. But did complete the lettering on the atara/neckband. Maya’s tallit is in the homestretch.



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