Maya’s tallit complete ( more or less) and Food Friday

After yesterday’s near disaster of making the pinot/corner pieces too big, I went back to the drawing board. I recut  smaller pieces and then did the calligraphy yet again. I needed to figure out how to edge the pinot. I noticed a ball of gold Lurex yarn in with my threads. The yarn had been given to me by my friend Yoki. It’s really flashy and glittery. It’s perfect used in small doses.


Maya complete (1)


Yes, the tallit needs a good pressing. But here it is more or less complete . The eyelets still need to be done.

Maya complete

Maya complete (2)

The mis-sized pinah.

I also cooked dinner for tonight.

food (2)

Broccoli roasted with sesame oil and rice vinegar. Vegetables roasted  until they are nearly charred are just so good. Broccoli on it’s own is not so delicious. Roasted it’s just amazing.

food (1)

Fingerling potatoes roasted with olive oil lemon juice and I forget which spices- I’m guessing that it's vaguely European in flavor.


food (3)

Chicken roasted with an Israeli schwarma spice mix with added smoked paprika, my lasted addiction.


I also made soup.



It’s chicken gizzard soup with lots of vegetables and some wheat berries tossed in. I love how eating gizzards is a bit like chewing on rubber bands. I suppose that if my guests don’t like the gizzards they can leave them in their soup bowl.



I still may make meringues.


Shabbat Shalom!


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