It Isn’t Always Easy



I often use the four verbs associated with Tzitzit/ritual fringes, on the pinot/corner pieces of a tallit ( have, see, remember and fulfill). I can usually make the letters  interlock in a really pretty way . It usually comes so easily that it almost feels like a parlor trick when I make the pinot. Well, not this time. It took several tries, and many failures on Friday. Today I sat down to do the pinot first thing in the morning when I was fresh , not tires and hopefully wouldn’t mess up.  Today I got the lettering on the pinot right. Whew!

My next task was to begin embroidering the ribbon that will border the pinot and the atara/neckband. I have two nice but boring ribbons.

maya ribbon


I layered the two ribbons and embroidered a diamond stitch in gold. it’s already better. I will add another layer of stitching  to the diamond.  Embroidering the ribbon is both really boring and vary satisfying. Don’t worry, pressing will remove the ripple from the ribbon. Stay tuned for the finish of Maya’s tallit.


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