Domestic Goddess Day

Yesterday was a Domestic Goddess day. I did many loads of laundry. I unclogged the bathtub drain. I unclogged the bathroom sink drain.

My daughter wants more blouses to wear to work. Unfortunately, the style for cute young things like my daughter that is currently being sold are in our family parlance,” too foofy”.  For people that speak standard English, that means too frilly. Ruffles are now hot. My daughter is allergic to ruffles.

When my daughter was younger I had found directions on a now defunct blog on how to transform a man’s dress shirt into a woman’s blouse. I have re-made my daughter several blouses  out of men’s dress shirts over the past many years. I made this one for her yesterday. I cut the shirt two buttons below the collar and cut in a continuous oval. I then serged the raw edge. Then I folded the serged edged to the inside of the shirt and zigzagged 1/4 inch elastinc inside the fold.  I shirred the waist onto four rows of stretched elastic. I cut the shirt hem just before the shirt tails began to emerge. It’s a quick transformation.
I’m glad that my daughter likes the stuff I make for her.  It’s not the most amazing blouse in the world, but it works. It looks cuter on my daughter than it does on my dummy.The blouse will look far spiffier once it is pressed and starched.

And on a different note. My son and I decided to toast marshmallows at home, in the winter. No, we don’t have a balcony or a grill.  But we do have Shabbat candles.
home toasted marshmallows (3)

We both feel very clever. I am a true Domestic Goddess.


  1. FYI- if you have a microwave, you can make s'mores year round. The marshmallows puff up and then shrink back done. They really get nice and melty. We put them on a graham cracker layered with hershey bar and peanut butter- paper plate to hold it. Just micro for 15 seconds. Put on top cracker and eat.

  2. I think my son liked the charred marshmallows...he made himself a few after school today.


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