A brilliant idea and a beautiful fail

I wanted to iron interfacing to the back of the pinot/corner pieces for Maya's tallit. This would add a bit of stability to the corners which need a bit more support. I was thinking about how to iron on the interfacing and avoid the inevitable sticky goop from the interfacing ending up on the sole plate of my iron. It just isn’t fun to clean that gunk off.  Since I do my ironing in my kitchen, I thought of laying parchment paper between the interfacing and the iron.



My solution worked brilliantly.


It was easy to cut away the extra interfacing from beyond the borders of the pinot. I was feeling awfully clever. I stitched on the border, and put the pinah on the tallit.

FAIL!!!! The pinah while beautiful is just entirely too big  in scale for the tallit. I had to start the pinot over at 1/4 the size.

mayapinot (2)


I couldn’t use a square tipped brush for the lettering because I was working on such a small scale. Grrr! My husband suggested that I save the pinot for a future tallit. I hope I get the new ones finished by the end of today.


  1. oh dear. good wishes. you may get something to cheer you in the post any day now!

    Have you tried painting with a toothpick? The Fosters type from Maine have a flat bit at one end. I use them for paintbrushes - or used to. I have run out. Cocktail sticks work, but you can't carry as much paint on the end.
    Sandy in the UK


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