Midweek Dinner and Margaret Dumont

Usually, during the early part of the week, our meals are made up of left overs from Shabbat. It’s busy season for my husband so he has been coming home late and I haven’t done a huge amount of mid week cooking.I realized as I pulled tonight’s dinner out of the oven that it is made up entirely of food I have purchased at Costco.
Costco Tilapia

I was baking pita in the oven at 420. I put some frozen mixed vegetables into an olive oiled baking pan. This vaguely Asian mix of vegetables takes a long time to cook, so I got those cooking first.  I had pulled a small package of tilapia out of the freezer yesterday. I usually break apart the giant Costco rafts of fish into smaller meal sized packages. I topped the fish with dried rosemary and balsamic vinegar and returned it to the oven. By the time the last tray of pita was cooked, so was the fish.Every ingredient in tonight's dinner came from Costco.
I made this simple dinner, partially because I had to make a dress to wear to a black tie event.

This is what I made.
margaret dumont2
margaret dumont dress

I bought the fabric yesterday. Yes, you have seen me make dresses in this shape over and over again. You can’t get too complicated with such an over the top fabric. I did make two darts at the neckline. I edged all of the open edges with a frech binding of black netting. It was simple. I had never worked with sequined fabric before. My serger hated it. My sewing machine didn’t complain too much. I do have little black sequins all over my floor. I made a slip to wear underneath. It seemed like an easier solution than a lining. The slip is cut fairly low in the back. I like the mix of sheer and opaque. I still need to finish off the edges of the slip.

This dress reminds me of something Margaret Dumont might have worn in the Marx brothers movies.


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