I’m Baaaaaack!

The bat-mitzvah was lovely. Hanging out with the various generations of cousins, is  a pleasure.

My cousin ET surprised me with this.
Another addition to our Royal drek collection

I may have to rearrange my collection of Royal drek. My daughter pointed out that both William and Catherine look terrible in the photos. I think that adds to the charm of the plate

The dress? It was fine. I did notice a fair number of sequins on the dance floor. I don’t know if they were from my dress or from  a dress worn by someone else. It was comfortable to wear. I think I will even wear it again.

But all play-time must come to an end. I’m getting back to work on Maya’s tallit. Here is the lettering, raw, without the refinements that come with adding a border.
maya stripes
"I will increase your offspring..."

maya stripes (2)
A detail shot

maya stripes (1)
"...like the stars of the sky."

maya stripes (3)
both sides of the tallit


Yesterday, I had a cool experience while meeting with a client.  i'm serving as a consultant and my client is actually making the tallit.  We did a Google Image search to look for striped silk shantungs, so my client could see examples of striped shantungs.

Some of my tallitot showed up on the first page! That was just so cool.

On a very different note, today, I received an email from my high school. The 23 year old son of one of my classmates died in December.  I had attended her wedding in Crown Heights. Her son died unexpectedly in his sleep.  I don't know how she can wake up in the mornings.


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