Bottom Feeding and finding books a new home

I had a doctor’s appointment today. on my way back to the subway, I noticed that Paron is having a moving sale. Paron is moving a black south to 39th Street. Fabrics in their regular price store are now 30-60% off.  I’m not quite sure the percentage off in their half price store. I assume that prices are a bit fluid. Fabrics in the back corridor are now all priced at $3/yard. I bought these three fabrics from the bolts in the back room. They are from left to right, a Lurex knit, a rayon knit and a hammered silk.

Oddly, each of the bolts had the identical yardage, a yard and a half. I’m especially pleased by the hammered silk. It has a beautiful drape and a great feel.

While my fabric was being measured, I noticed a box of ancient vintage velvet ribbon. As the various fabric stores in the district close up shop they tend to sell their stock to the ones still left standing.There are all sorts of treasures to be had here.
ribbon 2

This is what I bought; grey 1  1/2 inch wide,  light turquoise of the same width, and 1/2 inch wide wine colored ribbon. Vintage ribbon is nearly always of better quality than contemporary ribbon. can any of you figure out the exact vintage of this ribbon?

I love the old labels. I also assume that the colors have shifted a bit with age. I like that look.

One of the spools comes with a nifty yardage chart .
ribbon 3

You can gauge how much ribbon is left on the spool by looking in the cute little window. The sale should continue until the end of the month. I assume that as moving day gets closer, the prices might be even more fluid.

And now on the de-clutter front.
My friend Shelly has taken up quilting. Yesterday I gave her all of my older Threads magazines. I was surprised that I let them go with such ease.  I really was happy to let them go. I also gave Shelly my fabric painting books and my quilting books. I loved buying those books. I loved reading and rereading them, but now, I’m ready to let them go. I realize that I’m now ready to give away most of my Burda  magazine. Any ideas about how to find them a good home?


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