Zipping Right Along

ayelet (2)

It took me thirty years to figure out how to work when touch of adversity . I had gotten to a stuck point on Tess’s  tallit. I had to take out lots of really dense stitching.  As any of you who sew know, that it truly depressing.  Sometimes I have extra fabric to turn to in case I mess up. In this case, I didn’t . So I had to just be really careful. It’s exhausting to have to be so persnickety.

I decided to give myself a break. Rather than just sitting around eating bon-bons, I turned to Ayelet’s tallit.  It’s all put together, except for the atara/neckband and the pinot/corners. My camera is showing the base color of the tallit as a royal blue. It’s not. It’s a royal purple. the tallit really pops. It makes me happy to look at it.the atara is nearly done. The pinot need a bit more thinking through.


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