Today I had to go to the doctor. The office is ever so conveniently, in the garment district.  Even more conveniently, it is right around the corner from Metro is owned by Kashi who came to new york during the Iranian revolution. In most stores in the garment district you pull the bolts of fabric that you are interested in. At Metro, first you have a conversation with Kashi about what you are looking for. Then he brings you bolts of fabric to approve or disapprove. Once he gets a sense of what you are looking for he both meets your needs and then also tries to lead your eye ( and your lust for fabric) in new directions.


I knew I needed two yards of white charmeuse for a tallit that I need to begin soon. I told Kashi what I was looking for. He brought me a bolt and then asked me what I needed it for. He assured me that he would give me a good price. I told him that I had no worries about that. he quoted me an amazing price, $10/yard.


He then began to take care of some other customers. I poked around in his remnant barrel. I always find great stuff there. Today was no exception. I bought, ( from L to R) the green paisley mesh, because I have the same fabric in orange. It reminds me of clothing my older sister wore when she was in her early teens. The orange is now a dress. I will have to see what the green decides to become.  The black and grey floral is a cotton chenille.There is about 3/4 of a yard there. I think it may become a pencil skirt that will go with a wool cowl necked sleeveless top I had made out of another goodie from the remnant bin. The top is charcoal grey with a squiggle print in lighter grey. The two will look terrific together. The fabric furthest to the right is a poly with a neat texture and a great drape. there are two yards there and it might look great as a col necked dress cut on the bias. I forgot to add the yard of black suiting to the picture. So all of this fabric came to a grand total of $24. I am ready to start sewing it up!!.


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