The First Candle

Our friends Alfie and Judy came to visit from Minneapolis. Our oldest came home to pick up her menorah and to get some home cooking. I’m not such a big fan of latkes. To tell you the truth, there are some years that not a latke crosses my lips. I did decide in honor of the holiday to use lots of olive oil in my cooking.


So we ate breaded whiting ( the pan was well oiled with olive oil)

ner rishon 2011

and eggplant stewed with carrots, tomato paste and chili peppers ( and olive oil),

ner rishon 2011 (3)

and oven roasted potatoes with herbes Provencal ( and olive oil).

ner rishon 2011 (2)

Judy made the kale ( with olive oil salt and pepper).

ner rishon 2011 (1)

I baked pita

ner rishon 2011 (4)

and made dessert.

ner rishon 2011 (5)

Then we lit candles

ner rishon 2011 (12)

and ate dinner

ner rishon 2011 (16)


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