Ayelet’s Stripes

Yesterday, I began constructing the stripes for Ayelet’s tallit. Those of you with sharp eyes may notice that the green is much more emphatic than it was in yesterday’s photo. I over dyed it and it is now the color that Ayelet requested.
ayelet stripes (1)
the fabrics in their raw state

I began by sewing strips of silk together. I had thought that I would construct the stripes out of simple strips of vertical stripes. My husband took a look at my work and said one deadly word,” Christmas”. I realized that he was right. The orange, pink and chartreuse combined to look like Target’s holiday theme of a couple of years back.

it was time to re-think what I was doing. I made some of the green strips narrower.For some reason having the stripes run horizontally made them seem far less like Christmas. Adding the purple sashing also went far in improving the look.

ayelet stripes (2)
ayelet stripes


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