Occupy Wall Street marches through my neighborhood

Up close ( and fuzzy)

This is the back of the march. The march begins a block ahead

About an hour ago I hear a huge din, people shouting, drums beating. I went to the window to see what the commotion was. OWS organized a march from the top of Manhattan to Wall Street.

I took some photos from my window,. The view of the sidewalk is blocked by the still thick foliage. The crowd was REALLY loud. It wasn’t a very large crowd. The marchers loosely took up two north-south blocks. But they had LOTS of drums and were walking REALLY slowly.

To tell you the truth, over the years I have seem much longer marches down Broadway.They were accompanied by far less media coverage.

From across the street.These folks are walking slowly. I took the photo above, waited for the elevator ( a long wait) gor downstairs, chatted with the doorman and then got to the corner.

Street trafic goes on arund OWS march


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