It’s not genetic


harry kreiger photo


Most people assume that skills like sewing are lovingly passed down from mother to daughter.


This photo shows that those skills were not passed down. This photo of my mother, was taken by her Tanta Becky’s step son Harry. It’s one of very few photos taken of my mother during her childhood.


My grandmother made the dress. Please note that the two halves of the collar don’t match.  I don’t think that my grandmother notched those curves, so the collar lays funny.This was the one child’s dress that my grandmother knew how to make. The fabric for the dress came from Uncle Lou who owned a dress factory at 555 8th Avenue. My mother had two identical dresses made out of the same fabric.She wore each for 3 days and had a different dress for Shabbat.


When my mother looks at this picture she always comments, “ Don’t I look like a welfare child???”.  Actually, she was on welfare when this photo was taken.


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