Food Friday–Magic Flavor Edition

I live in New York, one can assume that I love Chinese food. I do. Unfortunately, my body has trouble with salt. If I eat salty food then I can’t wear shoes.

Since my daughter has spent so much time in China, she really loved Chinese food. earlier this year , we discovered that the combination of sesame oil and rice vinegar yields a flavor that feels Chinese, but still allows me to wear shoes

Earlier this summer we all ( except for our youngest who still avoids vegetables) became to raw shredded cabbage dressed with sesame oil and rice vinegar.

For Shabbat I’m roasting vegetables in the  magic combination.

What else am I serving??? Meatballs which I made with  about 1/2 cooked and pureed vegetables. As long as there is barbecue sauce on top, my son will gobble them up. I’m also serving noodles and of course, challah.

The challah has made my Friday far easier. Yesterday, I baked a loaf of bread to bring to a Shiva house. I had told my son that the bread was for our friends. I guess it smelled really good as it was cooling.  I guess that homework was distracting his mind, but the next time I walked into the kitchen he had sliced off a healthy slice. He felt awful.

During the evening I pulled the challah that I had baked last week out of the freezer so they would be edible for Shabbat.  I came into the kitchen while my son was making himself dinner..and you guessed it, he had sliced a healthy slice  of challah.  Challah is supposed to be served complete.

My son then felt really awful. I was ticked off, but it was also really funny. My son said that he wanted to make it up to me. He discussed monetary payment. I talked about how that actually wasn’t helpful, the challa and the bread isn't all that expensive to produce, it's just time consuming. My son asked me to come up with some sort of an equivalence for what he had done. Actually, despite my initial outbursts when i discoved the missing bread, I wasn't particularly angry, and mostly I found the whole thing amusing.  I told my son that if he wanted to do something to make it up to me, it was his job to think of something . He did. He offered to  be helpful all day.

He has. He sorted through his clothes and brought two bags to the thrift store. He re -glued a drawer front. He did some laundry and made it possible for me to get some of my non- household work done. It WAS pretty funny though.


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