A Class I’m Teaching

I’m teaching this class at my synagogue.
With Fabric Artist Sarah Jacobs
In this workshop, we’ll create a “Bein Gavra” – the fabric covering that is placed over the Torah between aliyot — for the Sanctuary. The words bein gavra literally mean in between the people, meaning between the olim. The goal of these sessions is to create something beautiful that will both enhance and reflect our experience of being close to the Torah. We’ll spend the first session or two exploring our relationship to Torah both as individuals and as a community, and using that discussion to together design and create a piece that is meaningful and beautiful, as well as practical. The remainder of the sessions will be spent working on making the “Bein Gavra”. This workshop is open to all – adults and children over the age of 10. No sewing or fabric art experience is required.
5 Tuesdays 7:30-9 pm
Beginning October 25
Materials fee $15

My class and I chose text for the Bein Gavra. That took two sessions. We also based the design using elements of thwe room the bein Gavra will be used in.

Some of the class participants have worked with their hands, other’s not. I decided that using stencils and Shiva oil paint sticks would be forgiving enough even for the least experienced.We cut  most of the stencils last week.

I bought more Shiva paint stick and have been testing them out on the velvet. Tonight my students stencil.
bein gavra (3)
Gold metallic over white
bein gavra (4)
Some of the lettering
bein gavra (2)
Gold stencil minus the white underlay, yes we need the white
bein gavra
A column


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