All dressed up an no place to go…..

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Today was my synagogue's artist studio tour.  I reconfigured my apartment and set out my work. My apartment was in the middle of the tour. I guess the artists at the beginning of the tour gave really long lectures about their work, so by the time they had been to two studios they dropped out of the tour.  So it was a whole lot of work , for a pretty disappointing showing.
studio tour

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  1. Sent by Sandy to my emailbox because grmlins were making commenting here impossible:
    Sandy has sent you a link to a blog:

    Blogger or Internet explorer or someone is playing up and I am not being allowed to post, so here is the comment for the all dressed up post. oh I am sorry Sarah, you went to so much work. Are there any other events you can use this collection for? Sandy in the UK

    Sandy - thanjks for being a pal!!
    Clearly all the work I made will at some point find a nice home. it's just frustrating that my fellow artists didn't quite get that visitors were there for a tour....with lots of places to visit. yes i'm still feeling grumpy but feel that IO need to get over at least some of it.

    Exhibiting is often that huge build up and tons of work for not a whole lot of pay-off. This at least was physically easier than transporting all of my work to a different location.


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