1111 Wear


I don’t know if it was the result of subliminal suggestion or just the fact that it was nippy out but I did end up wearing corduroy on Corduroy Day.

The corduroy had arrived as part of a http://www.fabricmartfabrics.com/  mystery bundle. It’s a cotton cotton stretch corduroy, so no there are closures in the dress.  I added the dark hem several months later because the dress was simply too short for me to wear comfortably.

This is one of the dresses that I made while feeling nostalgic for my childhood. This looks like something that one of my teachers might have worn in the early 1970’s. Given that I went to an Orthodox day school, my teachers would have worn such a dress with a blouse underneath or with short sleeves. If this would have been worn by one of my younger and cooler teachers the dress might have been worn paired with knee length dark leather boots with a chunky heel.

Some garments are glam. This dress is not. This is a good work around the house and run errends sort of a dress. I always feel capable in this dress.


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