A little further back on the family tree

This is Morris’s beautiful mother, appropriately named Bella, with her mother and her brothers. Bella’s brothers, from left to right are Izzie, Morris, Joe and Nathan. This photo was taken before the family made it’s way to the United States.
Bella’s brother escaped from Russia and slept in cemeteries  as he made his way to  top the boat that was to take him to the States. . He developed TB  from the exposure to the cold, and died soon after he arrived to the states.  Bella particularly loved her brother Morris, and named her first born for her beloved brother.

Morris had fond memories of his grandmother Pessye, who was a powerhouse. Bella was often ill, so Pessye would show up at Morris’s home every few weeks and cook up a storm. Morris had fond memories of Pessye making noodles from scratch. Pessye also wrote Socialist  poetry in Yiddish which was published in the Yiddish press here in New York.


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