Easing back into real life

Today I did my first bit of client related work since before my father in law died.


I am making this tallit for Tess.

Tess sketch 001.1 

tess was very clear when we had met that she wanted the silk twill base of the tallit to be the same color as my dining room walls. I couldn’t get my water color sketch exactly match my dining room walls ,but assured Tess that the final tallit would. Here is a bit of my dining room wall along with a bit of a drawing of Akko that I had purchased for my husband at the local Salvation Army and a bit of the Queen Mum plate.

tess's tallit


Matching colors is not always easy, especially when one is exhausted and a bit brain dead, as I seem to be at the moment.  Usually I would fuss with the colors I have here at hand and mix up  the right color. Yesterday I stopped off at Lee’s Art Supply  and bought a jar of exactly the right color.


The dye is still wet and will lighten up as the fabric dries.  I like to add color in thin layers .


tess's tallit (2)

Here is the silk, drying on my kitchen floor on some plastic garbage bags. I will probably need to add a layer or two more of dye.


Tess will work on dying the silk organza for the stripe part of the tallit.


Dying fabric is always the perfect way out of a funk. I’m surprised by how exhausted I am post-shiva..


  1. thinking of you Sarah.
    I hope you get the right shade.

    hope blogger lets this go through instead of saying I can't view the page!

  2. Sandy...it seems to have worked.I appreciate the support. it reallymeans a huge amount to have this kind of friendship coming from far and wide.


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