Domestic life

My son is a cool kid. He’s outrageously funny. He can play any instrument that is put in front of him. He claims that he is not , however a Hipster.  My son has decided to dress up as a Hipster for Halloween. Here he is , in his costume. The jeans are his sister’s, the t-shirt pulled out of the too small box. The plaid shirt is my husbands, It was old when we began going out in 1981. The scarf is mine and the hand knit had belongs to a friend. The depressed look is part of the costume. My daughter took the photo and sent it to all of her friends. One of her friends suggested that he go as William S. Berg.

hipster jed

I just sent him out to buy bread. He wore the costume. He assumes that most people won’t think that it is a costume.


My daughter has grown up in this household. Like my husband, she is thrifty. Now that she is (temporarily) living home full time, all of her clothing is in one place. She noticed that some of her underpants date back to middle school. So foot the past few days I have been making her underpants. Soft rayon knits left over from some of my summer dresses combined with the mystery box of stretch lace trim have made a pretty cool array of underpants. I used an existing pair of boy shorts as a pattern. I even cut out a pattern from Bristol board so I can make more as needed. My daughter is happy with her new underthings. She loves the unexpected pairings of fabrics and trims, chartreuse knit with a bright blue lace waistband, black , orange and  pink cartoonlike circles with a magenta waistband.


My daughter is now rummaging through the remnants to find fabrics that will work well as underwear.


I’m not showing photos, but I will say that some patterns that look simply OK as dresses, look amazing in underpant form.


I suppose that I could just buy my daughter a load of underpants at Target. But it’s so nice to make her happy


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