A Busy Sunday

Our friends had a wedding to attend. The grandparents who were supposed to babysit were snowed in. So we took T for the day. T is not quite  2 1/2. She’s a funny kid. T’s parents are funny. I love how she was ready to try to put her sock on her nose when I asked her to, and really love that she knew she was being funny.




Later in the afternoon I had a different commitment. I’m on the board of my building. One of the big events in my building is Halloween. Like any good religious Jewish girl, I never went trick or treating as a kid.


My oldest was born on Halloween. As soon as my daughter was born, my parents really got into Halloween.  It seemed silly to not have my kid go trick or treating with the other kids in the building. For her, there is no better way to celebrate her birthday than getting dressed up and having people give you candy.


Tomorrow my daughter is borrowing T and taking her trick or treating in our building.


But since I am on the board, my job is getting the lobby decorated for Halloween. it’s a building wide event. Last year I had the kids make eyeball garlands out of paper plates strung together.


This year, I thought that bone garlands would be appropriately ghoulish. We made tons of bones on cardstock, cut them out and strung them up.





I love that the look is both festive and creepy. I have to think about what to do for next year. Any ideas????


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